Day 20: Austin and Chloe Jasmine argue over alcohol

Austin and Chloe Jasmine have argued over alcohol.

During tonight’s highlights, Big Brother has given the Housemates some drinks for the night and Chloe-Jasmine rushes into the storage room to take some alcohol for Stevi and Bobby. As she leaves Austin tells Sherrie “I am f**king done with her.”

Chloe-Jasmine enters the bathroom with the drinks, “I managed to snatch this from the vultures!” Shortly after Austin bursts in and checks what Chloe-Jasmine has taken. He begins to get angry at Chloe-Jasmine. “it’s just ironic that the other day you couldn’t get out of bed because you couldn’t be around alcohol and now you are running to the fridge to grab booze for him.”

Chloe-Jasmine responds “yes because I can’t open it, I am addicted to alcohol.’ Bobby tries to diffuse the situation but Austin doesn’t let him “I am really disappointed because the other night when the whole house came together to make a toast because it was my brother’s birthday you stayed in bed, your reasoning being you couldn’t be around alcohol, and you just came in here to grab cocktails to bring to Stevi.” Bobby tries to calm Austin down “look you are making an issue out of nothing”, Austin disagrees and tells Chloe-Jasmine “It’s been 19 days that you have been around alcohol…it’s really f**ked up and everyone else agrees on that.”

The argument begins to get more heated and Chloe- Jasmine tells Austin that she was told to stay in the bedroom the other night by Janice which aggravates Austin “do you not have your own f**king mind? Can you not make your own decisions? It’s really messed up.” Austin leaves the room. Chloe-Jasmine tells Bobby and Stevi “he doesn’t understand, it’s a disease.”

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm with a double eviction.

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