Day 20: Gemma leaves the House for hospital treatement

Channel 5 have confirmed that Gemma was permitted to leave the House for a short time.

During tonight’s Big Brother, Big Brother tells the housemates to gather on the sofas. During yesterday’s task, Gemma won immunity from eviction. Big Brother informs the group that she has also won a special prize, which is a professional blow dry. However, if she chooses to take the prize, the house will go without hot water and hair appliances for the rest of the day. Gemma discusses it with the rest of the housemates, “guys, I know the right thing to do would be to not have this blow dry. But you know the situation with me hair; it’s something that really means a lot to me.”

Gemma goes to Big Brother’s spare room to have her professional blow dry. Meanwhile, Christopher is in the bathroom taking a cold shower.

Gemma is feeling the results of her blow dry, “my hair is clean, it makes you feel like a brand new person. You can only try your best in life and that’s going to be my new attitude for the tasks. I’m going to try my best.”

Gemma has a new lease of life after her blow dry, “alright guys, is there anything you need me to do to help you have a better day?” Christopher asks her to peel some potatoes. Gemma cuts her finger whilst doing so, declaring “it’s through to the bone.” After seeing a medic in the Diary Room, she is taken to hospital for stitches.

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm.

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