Day 20: Highlights from Day 19 in the Big Brother House

Take a look at the highlights from tonight’s Celebrity Big Brother.

Janice and Jenna are talking about the energy in the house. Natasha tells Janice “well you know I have been civil with the girls, they have been civil back.” Janice tells Natasha that “I heard from Jenna that Janice is cray cray that means crazy right? I concur that I am crazy.” Natasha smiles at Janice.

Jenna is telling Scoop that both she and Farrah think that Scoop would make a good boyfriend and Jenna tells him that “when I get out of here I am going to give Scoop a very big French kiss.”

Jenna and Natasha are making amends on the sofa. Jenna apologises for the comments she made about Natasha, “I made a mistake with you and I do want to apologise, I did not mean that it was definitely out of anger…just to explain to you the way I felt, I just felt really ganged up on by everybody.” Natasha accepts Jenna’s apology. “Let’s try to move on and forgive and forget.”

Bobby is enjoying some alone time in the bath until Stevi enters the room in his bright green mankini and a blonde wig and jumps in the bath with Bobby. Bobby pretends to be sick with bath water as he tells Stevi “I can see everything!”

Gail, Jenna and Sherrie are talking about Chloe-Jasmine in the kitchen, Jenna tells them “you know she came in and asked for a big glass of wine from me and she was acting like it was for her and I was like, I don’t feel comfortable pouring a glass of wine for you.”

Austin comes into the kitchen, Sherrie tells him “you do have the right to be mad but don’t get yourself into a state.”

Stevi comes into the kitchen where Farrah, Gail, Sherrie, Farrah and Scoop are sat. He tries to explain to Chloe-Jasmine’s behaviour to Austin “I think what it is if I am honest Austin, obviously I am always going to defend my fiancée as you appreciate; I think she was just trying to be nice.”

Austin goes to talk to Chloe-Jasmine but Janice tries to come in and support the conversation. Austin refuses to talk to Chloe-Jasmine unless they are alone. Janice tries to defend herself by saying that she is Chloe-Jasmine’s sponsor. Eventually she lets them speak on her own.

Austin and Chloe-Jasmine enter the bedroom. Chloe-Jasmine tries to explain her actions “the other day I was feeling horrible all day…I really really wanted to drink and I just wanted to stay in bed and hide under the covers, it’s a bit like being a manic depressive.” She blames the fact that there was a lot of open alcohol the other night. Austin argues this “so why out of 19 nights when the whole house came together you couldn’t be there.” She tries to explain “I could have been there but this is a disease that I have, it’s horrible, alcoholism.” Austin says “it was my brother’s 30th birthday, the whole house came to make a toast for him and you were the only person who didn’t have enough respect to get out of bed.”

Chloe-Jasmine begins to cry “it’s really f**king hard.” Austin says that he feels disappointed and disrespected. Austin then comes into the bedroom and clashes with Bobby.

Celebrity Big Brother continues at 9pm tonight.

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