Day 20: Liz Jones evicted from CBB House

LizLiz Jones has become the fourth person to be evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother House It’s Day 20 and this series still shows no sign of slowing down. This week we’ve seen controversy once again among fans as a task team member entered the House to assist in a task.

As well as this, the Housemates nominated normally and the results saw Sam, Jim and Liz nominated for eviction. After the nominations took place, Big Brother transported Housemates to the north pole in a frozen themed task as some of the Housemates became huskies and hid in a secret room in luxury, while the others thought they would be living in hell.

Today however it was time for the fourth eviction and you decided to cut short Liz’s stay in the House.

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  1. L sainty says

    Wanted Sam to go. Nice but boring. Has started to fake interest with Ollie. Sappy was right to warn her.

  2. emma was tv gold says

    Was never going to be anyone else. Jim is entertaining, Sam has a huge potential base. Lee should be losing his “girl” support with his poor self control.
    What is left in the house now will make any eviction vote hard to call.

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