Day 20: TASK: Get Off The Fence

sam and ollie on the sofasSam and Ollie must reveal their true opinions on the house’s biggest talking points.Sam and Ollie are known for keeping quiet and staying out of arguments. But now Big Brother wants to know what they truly think about some of the biggest house dramas.

Sam and Ollie start the task by sitting on a giant fence. Big Brother will them ask for their honest opinions on a number of topics contentious topics in the house. Each side of the fence will represent an answer for example. Sam and Ollie must individually choose whose side they are on and, when asked, state their reason for choosing this answer.

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  1. emma was tv gold says

    sam should survive tonight. liz must be favourite to go. if the same “all up” for friday announcement is made then linda should follow friday.
    sam has not done much, and this task should help create some knowledge about ollie and sam for the next eviction vote.

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