Day 21: Friends and Family visit the house in latest task

It’s the second day of The Vault task. Big Brother has provided each housemate with a deposit box inside The Vault, containing some form of contact from a loved one inside. Whether housemates receive the contents from their own deposit box depends on whether they are willing to sacrifice their box for other housemates. If they choose to take their own box, the other housemate will receive nothing

Sam enters The Vault first. He is greeted with a screen showing his sister Louise Thompson. He picks Helen’s box, which shows her husband. Sam says; “Why couldn’t I have picked f**king Sarah’s box?!” Sam sacrifices his box for Helen and she receives a visit from her husband

Jemma enters The Vault next. She decides to take a letter from her sister, and sacrifices Derek’s letter from his wife. She later apologies.

Sandi enters The Vault next, greeted by a box also containing a screen, showing her daughter who she has the opportunity to spend time with. She chooses Shaun’s box, containing a letter from his fiancée. She sacrifices seeing her daughter

Amelia enters The Vault next. The screen in her box shows her mum, however she picks Sarah’s box and sacrifices seeing her mum.

Amelia re-enters the Big Brother house, upset about not seeing her mum. Derek and the other housemates console her; “What maturity. You’ve got special running through you,” says Derek.

As the final housemate to enter The Vault, Chad automatically receives a video message from his sister

Jemma goes to the diary room to talk about The Vault and tactics in the house. Talking about Amelia’s decision; “Giving up seeing a family member for someone you don’t even like… that’s all a f**king game Big Brother!”. Big Brother gathers housemates on the sofas to hear Shaun and Jemma’s letters from The Vault task

Sarah and Chad cook dinner for their fellow housemates. As they all gather to eat, Sandi stays in the living area

Amelia talks to Sandi about Sarah’s reaction to her Vault sacrifice. She says: “It’s a lot to sacrifice, just for a thank you.” Sandi replies; “We do it from the kindness of our hearts. That’s a gift. To be able to be so strong, to do something like that. Sometimes you just wish that the person was bit more appreciative.”

Sarah and Chad are cleaning up in the kitchen, talking about Sandi. Sarah says: “Was Sandi p**sed off with us taking the kitchen over? I want to cook too! She’s quite pushy when it comes to the kitchen stuff.” They clean up and then kiss each other

Jemma and Amelia are in the bedroom talking about The Vault. Jemma tells Amelia; “I just don’t get why you would do that for Sarah.”

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm.

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