Day 21: Housemates upset Chloe Jasmine in latest row

Chloe Jasmine has gotten upset over the latest row in the House.

Austin and Scoop are talking about Chloe Jasmine. They agree that they both believe Stevi is spineless. Chloe Jasmine and Austin are talking about the night she didn’t join in the memorial Austin held in the house in honour of his late brother. Chloe Jasmine says, “I’m sorry if I offended you in anyway.” Austin responds, “you are what you are…it is what it is.” Stevi asks if he’s ok, but Austin tells him, “no.”

The Housemates are having a meeting to discuss Janice’s snoring. Jenna tells Janice, “so all of us together have come to the conclusion that we’re all having a lot of trouble sleeping because of your snoring…we have to come to some kind of agreement…we thought maybe if it happens again, a girl could wake you up…” Janice responds, “I’m so sorry about my snoring…especially sorry about the painful things I said about you…I was out of line…I’m humbling asking you to forgive me.” She hugs Farrah.

Austin adds his disappointment at having learnt that it was Janice who told Chloe to stay in bed during the memorial he held for his brother when she could have chosen any other time to stay in bed, “I’m quite disappointed in you. There has been alcohol in this house every night in abundance. On that night you told her to stay in bed for three minutes…” James adds, “five minutes earlier she wasn’t feeling well because she’d eaten too much, then it was the alcohol.” Janice responds, “I’m sticking to my truth and my truth is what I’ve learned.” Chloe Jasmine cries, “I don’t want to talk about this anymore. This is very upsetting.” She leaves the room and as Janice follows, she tells the others, “it’s a disease and I’m her sponsor…I want to protect my sober girlfriend.”

Stevi is annoyed at how Chloe Jasmine is being treated in the house and tells the others, “I’m like Hulk when I’m on fire,” as he goes to check on his fiancée. As he comforts her,Chloe Jasmine says, “that was highly unnecessary.”

James is talking to Big Brother in the Diary Room – “I thinkAustin had a point he wanted to get out about the ceremony…but the way he talks to people, it’s not correct…Stevi don’t know what to do with himself. I feel for him more than I do Chloe.”

Chloe Jasmine is talking to Big Brother in the Diary Room – “everyone is looking for someone to blame and now it’s become really personal. Bobby and Scoop discuss Chloe Jasmine. Bobby says, “she made a mistake not coming to the ceremony…she should have gone to him and explained why she couldn’t come…he came in shouting at her…that’s not the way to do it.” Scoop adds, “ he’s a no nonsense guy…”

James comes to resolve the argument with Austin – “I’m pleased we got a conclusion….you said what you had to say about her alcoholism but sometimes you have to bite your tongue and f*ck it.” Austin responds, “but sometimes you don’t.”

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm on Channel 5.

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