Day 21: Jade and Marc attempt to make up and put differences aside

Jade and Marc have attempted to put their differences aside.

Since Friday, Marc and Jade have had a rocky relationship in the House, but on tonight’s show, the duo try and put their differences aside so they can get along.

Jade is the subject of conversation as the show goes on, and some of the Housemates are in the bedroom discussing Jade. Nick comments “you can’t change the inevitable.” Marc replies “that is why a certain person and me don’t get along as she wasn’t herself, she started trying to patronize me”

Later on, Jade is in the bedroom talking to Joel and Chloe about Marc “he is dangerous and I don’t like him, he actually ran me in the ground, I was shocked what he was saying to me and he is just an idiot.”

Afterwards, Marc and Jade attempt to put their differences behind them. Jade says she decided to be polyamorous because she was cheating and she educated herself as to what that was. It is about being free and being able. She goes on to talk about her modelling “why don’t you believe me about this? Because every second girl in Dublin is? I am signed in Dublin, signed in Milan and signed in Belfast. I work all over those places.”

Big Brother continues at 10pm tonight.

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