Day 21: PICTURES: Jamie and Bianca get close during tonight’s show

Jamie and Bianca have gotten closer and kiss in tonight’s show!

Bianca is craving a banana. Stacy brings her one and explains that although she has been “criticised” for hoarding food, “I do give when I hear someone say that want it.”

Jamie is in the Diary Room talking to Big Brother about his potential last night in the house. He says he intends to “drink, laugh, and get Bianca in my bed.” He laughs and says he is “respectable,” so will treat Bianca like a lady, “Until I get her out of here.”

Bianca and Jamie are messing about in the kitchen. He holds her in a Fireman’s Lift and carries her about. He puts her down and she leads him into the toilet off the kitchen.

Kissing can be heard and Bianca says, “Mind my zip.” The pair are heard laughing and Jamie tells her, “The things I’m gonna do to you when we get out of here.” He adds: “I’m going, before I get too excited,” and leaves the toilet alone.

Jamie and Bianca are lying on the bed. He tells her that he didn’t come onto the house for have “a f**king TV romance b*****ks, I’m not into all that s**t.”

Bianca tells Jamie that it’s also “different” for her. “I really like you a lot, there is no way I could have pretended not to like you.”

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