Day 21: Ryan and Hughie get closer after party task

Ryan and Hughie got closer after last night’s party task..

Previously, when the duo lived in the Other House, they were seen getting closer to each other eventually sharing a kiss in the garden. In the days following, they were seen together quite frequently and sharing a bed together.

Since moving to the main House, the pair haven’t been seen together that often. However, that changes this evening. Following Ryan and Lateysha losing the party task, the group decide to have cocktails.  During the highlights show, In the kitchen, Ryan, Sam, Hughie and Alex are drinking cocktails. Ryan is sick after drinking the cocktail concoction he created

In the diary room, Ryan tells Big Brother that he has a weak stomach and apologises for being sick. Big Brother advises him to act his age

Ryan and Hughie are hugging and kissing on the sofas, Ryan tells him; “I love you, well I don’t actually love you but you know what I mean. Hughie you mess my head up!” Hughie tells him he’s funny

The lights are off and all the housemates are in bed. Laura and Evelyn watch Hughie and Ryan get closer in bed

Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm.

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