Day 21: Sam and Simon nominate Eileen in first joint nomination

Sam and Simon have made their first joint nomination.

Yesterday, Big Brother revealed that this week, only two Housemates would be nominating. It was then revealed to the Housemates that the original Housemates would be eligible to be nominated, while the new Housemates are immune.

Sam and Simon are the two Housemates nominating, and are doing it secretly. On tonight’s show, Big Brother calls Simon, Sam, Harry and Marc to the Diary Room and tells them they are immune from nominations and 2 of them have the sole responsibility for this week’s nominations and that the public have chosen Sam and Simon to decide who will face eviction. Big Brother goes on to say that to remain immune they must keep it a secret from the rest of the House which two have nominated.

Following the discussion with the new Housemates, all of the Housemates are gathered on the sofa and are told not all of them will be nominating and only x2 of the new Housemates will be given that responsibility and the identity of these Housemates will be kept a secret. The old Housemates do not look impressed. Marc comes up to Cristian and says “you are f**ked mate!

Simon comments to Sam “Eileen doesn’t contribute to the house so for me that’s why she should go all she has done today is just sit on the bed. Jack sits around a lot. If we nominated him he will just use his immunity pass.”

Big Brother calls Simon to Diary Room and asks for his first joint nomination. He says “we have both decided to nominate Eileen as she is half way through her life and she has more security back at home she has had the opportunity and it is now time to let other people to stay in this process which are just beginning their adults life. She hasn’t contributed to this process.”

Big Brother gathers Housemates on sofa to reveal first nomination and tells the group that it is Eileen. She says “again” Sam says to her “I swear to God it wasn’t me and wasn’t my choice.”

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