Day 21: TASK: Great Housemates Think Alike – Day 2

Big Brother wants to test out the theory that after a few weeks in the same house all housemates should be of the same mind. A harmonious house is a successful house.

Throughout the two days Big Brother will test out the housemates’ minds – if they can think alike and remain in sync with each other they will win the luxury shoping budget.

Brilliant Breakfast
Housemates are woken up to an unusual breakfast in the small task room. A disgusting omelette containing century egg, surstrumming and several other ‘delicacies’. They have to eat a portion of the omelette to pass the hit.

Housemates: Steven, Danielle, Toya

Final Agreement
In a twist, for this hit the three housemates don’t hit the buttons, they have a tablet each with the housemates’ faces on. They are asked various questions to which a housemate is the answer.

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