Day 22: Big Brother reveals Sam and Simon as secret nominating Housemates

Big Brother has revealed Simon and Sam as the two secret Housemates nominating this week.

On tonight’s show, Sam and Simon make their final nominations. First, Sam is in the Diary Room nominating Jack “being tactical. Jack’s got his immunity card so he can use that.” She also nominates him because he mentioned something about issues with gambling. On whether to nominate Joel she says “I can’t do it to my wee Cardiff Welshy.” Big Brother informs Sam that this will not be her last nomination and will have to think of more names to nominate.

Simon and Sam give their 3rd nomination – Joel. Sam says, “I just love Joel so much but with regard to dynamics and synergy…I love him to bits but I want him to enjoy himself more.” Simon adds, “he doesn’t drink but he doesn’t contribute much to the evening either. He’s not contributing anything to this experience.”

Big Brother gathers the housemates on the sofas to tell them that two housemates were responsible for this week’s nominations and reveals they were Simon and Sam. A TV screen starts playing their nominations out to the housemates. Simon can be seen nominating Eileen – “she has lived half her life…give other people the opportunities.” He mentions that one of the reasons for nominating Joel is because “he walks around in his dressing gown,” and Sam can be seen nominating Jack because of his issues with gambling. Jack is furious, “I told you something personal and you nominated me for it.”

He turns to Simon and on nominating Eileen, he says, “you’re a f*cking snake nominating Eileen behind her back.” The housemates ask him how he could nominate his best friend in the house, to which he responds, “how can I be Eileen’s best friend. I’ve only known her for three days.”

Despite claiming he’ll use his immunity pass to save Eileen, Jack reveals that he will keep it for himself so he’s not evicted this week.

Twenty minutes after the nominations were revealed, Eileen tells Chloe and Marc, “I’m so angry. That snake in the grass!”  On the nominations, Joel says, “I don’t regret anything I’ve done. “

Sam is crying to Jack and apologises for using the reason revealed on screen for nominating him. She claims Simon told her to do it and admits, “I’m going to struggle in here.” Jack confronts Simon for telling Sam to nominate him and also for being two-faced about Eileen, “how can you be so lovey dovey to someone,” and then nominate them! Eileen joins the conversation, “you’re two-faced, bitchy…”

Simon has a proposition for the housemates, “guys, would you like me to leave? I wouldn’t mind leaving. Believe me, I’ve got a lot more going on outside than in here.” He tells Eileen, “I regret what I’ve done.” He cries but she sees them as “crocodile tears.”

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