Day 22: Peace and Love spreads throughout the house in the latest task

During tonight’s highlights show,Big Brother transforms the house into a hippy commune. The sofas have been taken away and replaced with cushions and blankets. Chanelle comments; “Make love not war!”

In the garden, Chanelle is spreading positivity to Raph, Isabelle and Deborah; “Breath in positivity, out negativity!”

The task gets underway. Dressed as hippies, the housemates must repeat ‘I’m At One With The Big Brother House’ each time a gong sound is played into the house and housemates are asked to share positive thoughts – SEE CLIP

In the diary room, Ellie is talking to Big Brother about the task; “We’re all having a laugh! It’s so good! There’s so much love, peace and harmony!”

In the garden, Deborah reveals to Kieran; “You have a lot of word of wisdom, you say some smart things.” He replies; “People say things without listening and people assume things without hearing, that’s why I don’t say a lot…”

Joe asks Deborah; “Not including me, out of the boys, which one would be your cup of tea?” She replies; “The most handsome boy is Kieran but I’m not attracted to him.”

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