Day 22: PICTURES: Bear comes face to face with ex Lillie

Bear has come face to face with his ex-girlfriend Lillie…

As part of the latest task to go into the House, the Housemates must try and avoid letting distractions get the better of them. However, as part of Bear’s task someone entered the House who he didn’t expect to see.

Big Brother sent in his ex, Lillie Lexie and awkward moments ensured. Take a flick through our gallery of pictures from the moment she entered the House

During tonight’s show, Lexie walks in and says; “Hi, I was Stephen’s girlfriend.” Bear is shocked and remains silent, housemates look stunned

Lillie continues to tearfully talk; “This is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do, I just needed to see you…it’s so surreal…I’m having to watch this from home. You had me with you until the car came to collect you; you left me with your family. You asked me to be there when you got home, I was supporting you 100%. The embarrassment and humiliation I’ve had…this is all one big game to you, it is a joke at my expense.” Bear remains silent; Lillie leaves, and housemates tell her that she’s beautiful.


·A tearful Bear goes to talk to Big Brother in the diary room; “In the long run she would have got hurt a lot more…I would have married her! I think about her everyday. I can’t be with her; it’s not fair on her. I was adamant I wasn’t going to get with no one. Everything happens for a reason…she’s had a lucky escape from me. It took me 26 years to find someone I care about…”

In the garden, Bear confirms to Marnie and Lewis that he was in a relationship; “She’s made me look really stupid and bad.”

Aubrey and Ricky comment that Bear is ‘not taking it well’, ‘not admitting he’s wrong’ and ‘turning it on her’

You can see all of the action on tonight’s highlights show at 9pm.

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