Day 22: Ryan and Hughie’s relationship develops further

Ryan and Hughie’s relationship has developed further…

On last night’s highlights, the duo were seen kissing on the sofas and later sharing a bed. On tonight’s highlights, the pairs relationship grows again.

First, Ryan confides in Charlie in The Pod about Hughie. “My head’s blagged…My mum’s heart is gonna come out of her chest” he says

Later, Ryan speaks to Hughie in The Pod to clear up their relationship  “I don’t think we should speak anymore…I think we should just distance ourselves…I don’t think we should sleep in the same bed… if you flirt with anyone I’m gonna go mad” he confesses.

“Are we kind of friends with benefits?” replies Hughie

“No. Boyfriends…we’re going out with each other”

“I’m going to let you think that.”

Later on in the evening, the housemates are playing around in the garden Ryan and Hughie Hughie then strips and Ryan goes off to the bedroom. I’m livid. He’s just got his willy out to the whole group…get in here now…Go and get your dick out to everyone”

Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm.

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