Day 23: Bianca’s secret boyfriend is revealed to a devastated Jamie

For the task, housemates are take part in Big Brother’s talk show: Big Brother’s Bit on the Inside. Coleen, Nicola and Kim are the talk show hostsThe first topic is forgiveness in the house with guests Speidi and Stacy. Nicola asks; “Do you think you’ll ever forgive James C for playing the game?” Heidi answers; “What James C did was very different from what he meant to do…I understand where I think he was coming from, it’s a hard game to play…at first I had to let it sink in and then thought about it. It went too far…I don’t have any negativity towards James C.” James C shakes Heidi’s hand

Kim asks Spencer; “Do you think your game hits below the belt at times?” He replies; “Coming from you, absolutely not.” She asks him; “Do you think it was applicable – you were told off for this I know – to walk past me and go to me (she wretches)? Do you think that’s nice? You said, there’s a horrible smell here…” Spencer states; “No comment.” Kim continues; “You (Spencer) were called to Big Brother. I said to Big Brother, bullying I won’t put up with and you’ve been stopped doing it. That was naughty, that was filth.” Spencer adds; “You are the Queen of the Bullies! Your last name is Bully!”


Kim states Spencer did to her; “A spit and a gag actually.” Spencer snaps; “You’re accusing me of spitting on you now? I don’t have enough phlegm for you! I definitely didn’t spit on you…it’s in the rulebook and I can get you kicked out the house for lying about that.”

Guests James C and Calum are asked about the next topic: self-censorship. Calum states; “It will take a lot for me to lose my cool. I’m a people pleaser…I like keeping friends with everybody.” James C adds; “I’m a serious person, I’m not a game player. I take it all personally.” Heidi apologises to James C about ‘their strong player reaction’ he replies; “Lets put it to bed now.”

The next topic for discussion is romance within the house with guests Bianca and Jamie. Coleen asks Bianca; “Could this be a holiday romance? Do you see it continuing on the outside?” Bianca answers; “We’ve planned – hopefully – to spend some time with each other…” Coleen adds; “Well we’ve planned your wedding love!” Housemates laugh. Bianca continues; “I didn’t come in with the intention to have a relationship in the house. I came in to have fun! There has been massive temptation.”

Bianca and Jamie.

A clip is shown to the housemates of Bianca talking in code to Nicola about someone on the outside world. Jamie looks shocked after watching the clip and states; “When you’re with someone for 20 days, it becomes difficult to not show how you feel for each other. I’d love to see Bianca on the outside but I would never in a million years want to get in the way of anything if she didn’t think it was right.” Bianca adds; “There’s something I need to sort out. I had no intentions of a romance in the house I feel terrible for it…” He adds; “You did say you were single though?” She replies; “I’ll explain it to you later.”

Spencer is in the diary room talking to Big Brother; “I’m furious! There is an unacceptable behaviour rule that has been breached multiple of times and you guys are allowing it to happen. I want to formally request to speak with my lawyer. We have a housemate making false allegations that I spit on her…I need to speak with my lawyer.”


In the smoking area, Bianca reveals; “There is someone on the outside that I need to have the conversation with. I haven’t been able to help how I feel. I didn’t want to bring that person into it…and I really like Jamie.”

Bianca is upset in the diary room, talking to Big Brother; “I came in here and there’s someone on the outside, and I didn’t expect at all to have feelings for anybody and it has developed with Jamie. I feel like it’s one big mess and I can’t fix it right now.”

In the bedroom, Nicola tells Jamie; “Bianca doesn’t want to be with this person, she wants to be with you.” He replies; “I feel like I’ve been put in a situation in the outside…she hasn’t been 100% truthful. She should of said ‘I’ve got a fella’…I’m a bit p*ssed off, I don’t need that sh*t. Tell me straight. I’ve been put in a situation.”

Coleen tells Nicola that she would have told Bianca to tell Jamie the truth

In the bathroom, Bianca tells Jamie; “I’ve never felt like this in my life, I’m so sorry.” Jamie replies; “I just wish you had told me the full extent of the situation. I ain’t come on a TV show to crack on with a bird to make a show. I’ve genuinely really started to like you…I’m a bit upset.” She says; “I’ve never been in a situation like this in my life.” Jamie tells her; “All I wish is that you weren’t wishy-washy…you’re either in or you’re out. It upset me as I really like you.” Bianca apologises again and the pair hug.

In the bedroom, Bianca tells Jamie; “This is the most awkward situation I’ve been in my life. I didn’t think I’d ever have feelings for someone the way that I feel for you. The most weirdest situation I’ve been in…I want you to be happy, so if you think you stepping back, then I’m more than happy to do that. I hate how I feel about how you feel about it. I’m not that kind of person. I’m mortified.” Jamie replies; “It’s put me on edge.” She suggests; “Why don’t we just be cool…” Jamie leaves the bedroom.

Jamie is talking to Big Brother in the diary room; “My head has been spinning! The whole Bianca thing has hurt me a bit. I’m a bit torn about what’s the right thing to do…I need to sleep on it and don’t know which bed to sleep in!”. Jamie returns to the bedroom and sleeps along in a single bed

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