Day 23: Celebrity Big Brother’s ratings stay strong for highlights

Celebrity Big Brother’s highlights show last night rated with almost 3 Million viewers

Celebrity Big Brother’s explosive episode last night, in which 3/4’s of the highlight’s show was dedicated to the fallout between housemates was seen by an impressive 2.48m viewers (10.7%) at 9PM. With a further 418K (2.6%) catching up on +1, resulting in a total of 2.90m viewers (13.3%) across the night. It was followed by Age Gap Love which faired well too, with 1.17m viewers (7.6%) an hour later.

Elsewhere at 9PM, Midsummer Murder’s won the slot for ITV, with 4.79m viewers (21.3%), compared with¬†2.89m viewers (12.5%) for BBC Two’s drama Wolf Hall, down a million on the previous episode. BBC One’s offering of Churchill: The Nation’s Fairwell put the channel in 3rd place with 2.72m viewers (11.7%) at the same time. Meanwhile Channel 4’s 24 Hours In A&E was seen by 1.78m viewers (7.7%)

Celebrity Big Brother rated highly last night, putting it behind BBC One with a slim 240,000 viewers. (exc. +1)

Almost 15 of the currently aired 22 episodes have increased on the previous winter edition of the show. Meanwhile all episodes have increased on the previous summer run, which held the record for least watched Celebrity Big Brother, at 2.1m viewers. (in officials) The present series is already at 2.62m viewers (in overnights) and is expected to top that and more with a predicted 3.2m viewers (in officials)

But why is this series rating so popularly, after the previous year which recorded the lowest watched BBUK and CBB series in it’s 15 year history!? Have your say in our comments below!


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