Day 23: Jasmine confronts Casey in CBB Task

Ex-Housemate Jasmine has re-entered the House and has confronted Casey

Today, Big Brother set Housemates a new task which they were required to freeze whenever they heard the bells toll. As part of the task, Jasmine re-entered the Celebrity Big Brother House.

Jasmine announced her return with a shout of “I’m Back!” which proved a shock to Casey. Jasmine walked right around to the sofas and sat right next to Casey.

“How are you guys doing? I miss you all” Jasmine goes on. Jasmine then turns her attention to Casey.

“Hi Casey. I have a few things to say to you, obviously, um, it’s funny that I never intentionally did anything to hurt you. When Lee and I got together he told me that he really really liked me in that way, and always confessed that he didn’t like you” She started.

“As soon as I left, you found it, you know, a prime opportunity to completely throw yourself at him and it’s quite embarrassing actually how you’ve done that because he did express that he really liked me. So you intentionally and deliberately went out to hurt me”

“I’ve been sat at home watching this… you knew what was going on, but as soon as I left – “Oh Lee, do you want a b*****b, Oh Lee, I’ve seen everything. Please cuddle me and how I can’t wait for you to have sex with me when we get out of here..”

You can catch this task tomorrow night on Channel 5.

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