Day 23: Raph talks about voting Donald Trump and the housemates talk relationships

During tonight’s highlights, in the kitchen, Kieran tells Hannah; “With you, you need to listen before assuming and hear before speaking… before someone has finished you’ve already got an opinion.” She agrees

In the diary room, ChanelIe comments; “I can feel the positivity penetrating me!”. Housemates are thrown a glitter party in the garden. Ellie, Chanelle and Isabelle are in the diary room, talking about the glitter party showcasing their ‘glittered boobs’

Raph reveals that he thinks Kieran is the most attractive guy in the house, Isabelle tells Kieran that he’s ‘good looking’. In the diary room, Tom reveals to Big Brother; “I had a down moment, I’ve got a girlfriend I’ve been with her for 5 months, I just want to make sure everything’s good, I’m worried about how she’s doing…”

In the garden, Isabelle tells Kieran; “I want a boyfriend, I feel like I can find one in Marbella…easy! More chance in Marbella than in Ibiza. I just don’t trust boys anymore.” She adds; “I just want a temporary boyfriend…I get asked a lot to be an escort, I wouldn’t, it makes me cringe…Fit tanned boys! I want a holiday romance, at the end you can be like ‘bye’!” Kieran smiles; “Good luck!”

Big Brother continues tonight at 10pm.

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