Day 24: BB Corp shopping task comes to an end

The BB Corp shopping task comes to an end in tonight’s highlights.

Ryan calls through to the reception desk to ask Georgina to bring the BB Corp Senior Management team some chocolate, she is not too happy doing this. CEO Chelsea tells Ryan that they should have decided as a team which employee to ask, the pair argue over this.

Georgina is in the diary room; “I have an unhappy looking face, I hate my smile so I don’t like smiling.” Asked about her time in the house; “I really enjoy it bedsides Evelyn and Laura.” On Jackson; “I will pursue the relationship, yes of course, I’ve never had somebody say these nice things to me, I’m not going to stop that just cos I left the house.”

Georgina and Jackson are talking about her eviction outfit, she mutters; “I hate my life, I’ve completed wasted a month coming in here.” Jackson isn’t happy to hear this, and tells her she has a blessed life. He walks away

Big Brother gives the BB Corp senior management team an opportunity to promote an employee. They tactically decide to promote Georgina as ‘she doesn’t look happy’ and they want to win the task

Chelsea announces to the employees that Georgina will be promoted, some of the housemates aren’t too happy with this decision. Hughie announces; “You’re the Queen of negativity, everything about you says negative!”

For the final part of the shopping task, Big Brother asks the Big B Corp senior management team to reveal some viewer feedback to some of the employees, as part of an appraisal type meeting
A comment aimed at Jackson is read out; “Why is he Georgina’s puppet? She pulls his strings, why isn’t he having fun with Evelyn?” Emma doesn’t agree that Jackson is Georgina’s puppet. Georgina adds; “You like making me cups of tea! I wouldn’t say you are my puppet. I’ve told you to go with Evelyn!” Jackson responds; “I’m not letting that get to me. People have their opinions. I know how I feel about you, you know how I feel about you.”

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