Day 24: Nicola and Jedward argue in latest CBB row

Nicola and Jedward have argued with each other again.

During tonight’s highlights, Jedward challenge Heidi to a chilli eating contest. In the kitchen, Jamie comments on Jedward; “I know exactly who they are, I find it a lot easier to recognise John. I think John looks like a pop star, I don’t think Edward does.” Nicola adds; “They sly dig.” Jamie says: “They are always in game mode!”

Nicola is feeling suspicious of Edward; “You’re trying to stir up something!” He denies this. John comments that Nicola’s eye make-up ‘looks different’, she snaps; “You talk so much b*llocks! Why don’t you say ‘Nicola you look bad?’ I don’t give a f**k how I look!” He confirms that he didn’t mean it like that. The pair start to argue.

In the snug, Heidi and Jedward are talking about Nicola. Jedward say; “Any good intentions are seen, as ‘Oh there must be something going on there’!”

Nicola is talking about Jedward in the diary room; “I don’t like living with them! They are mean spirited, trying to provoke a reaction, my bad I always give it to them! They are prodding constantly…they are robotic and I’m an emotional wreck that is always ready to blow!”

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm.

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