Day 25: A Timewarp of Theories

With the Timewarp Launch Night Twist on the way, we take a look at some potential twists Channel 5 could pull off.

1. Everyone Out, Not Everyone Goes Back In, Ex Housemate replace
Well they say it is a Launch Night yeah? Wouldn’t it be incredibly evil if everyone left the house and was put into secret isolated booths.

Emma would then send 4 ex housemates to am empty house. And One By One would send the old housemates back in but not everyone would make it back.

But Channel 5 better be careful not to do a BB7 where viewers got angry over Ex-housemate Nikki was put back in.

2. The All Stars
The All Star ex housemates thing has been spoken about for a while but could it be that some of Britain’s favourite ex-housemates finally get a spot in this Timewarp?

It would definitely be a ratings grab.

Maybe some Live Feed too?

3. New Housemates again?
With a Launch Night name….could the twist simply be new housemates? We most certainly hope not.

Catch Live Eviction at 9pm tonight on Channel 5

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