Day 25: Highlights from Day 24 in the House

Check out the highlights from Day 24 in the House.

Housemates wake up to the end of the world and are shocked with their new surroundings and the lack of food.

· Sherrie comes to talk to Big Brother in the Diary Room. ‘Last night affected me very badly. I think the tension was so high anyway so we were all very jittery and very worried and mentally it messes with you. I am not very good ant this obviously. (Starts to cry) I get very emotional. I always said I wouldn’t do this. It is not good to see people cry on television as it makes them look so weak and I am not weak at all. It is just some reason last night really hit me and I don’t know why.’

· Janice is talking to James in the kitchen ‘Hair looks good man. You’re a great guy. You’re a great friend. You look good…looking good. Body is looking good, strong and looking good in those tighty whities.’

· Big Brother urgently gathers Housemates to the seating area for an announcement. As the Housemates gather to await further news excitement builds and Stevi falls over his seat. ‘This is Big Brother, Housemates Big Brother has breaking news: a series of catastrophic events has befallen Earth, including unexplained volcanic eruptions, blizzards, gale force winds and flash floods all culminating in mass destruction. Little of the outside world remains. However fortunately for you, Big Brother has managed to salvage a few items from the wreckage. Big Brother has managed to salvage some remnants from Housemates’ loved ones. A letter from home for each Housemate has been saved from the carnage. But Housemates it is up to you to secure the letters. Each housemate will play for a letter from home. But they will not be playing for their own letter. Each Housemate will play for each other’s letters. Any housemate who passes the task will secure one letter for one of their housemates.’

· The challenge sees the Housemates stand on a boulder at the foot of the volcano; they must stand there for as long as they can. Each Housemate who lasts longer than the secret time decided by Big Brother will receive one letter for another housemate. However each Housemate that does not pass this challenge will commit one letter to fiery oblivion.

· They have been standing on their boulders for 51 minutes. Chloe-Jasmine and Stevi are paired with Austin. Chloe-Jasmine states ‘Even if it was the end of the world you wouldn’t catch me dead in this sack.’ Stevi responds ‘I’d love to get you in the sack though.’

· Jenna and James are paired together and are talking about Jenna’s career ‘I started getting famous like that (clicks fingers), people were talking about me because I was like this really super young girl with big natural boobs and looked super young and they were offering me so much money. So then I saw that as an opportunity, I was like ok, I could take over this whole industry easily.’

· Big Brother teases the Housemates with a box in the living area. They tell the Housemates that not even BB knows what is in the mystery box and whoever wants to retrieve it should step down from their boulder and go and get it. It will self-destruct in five minutes. Janice steps down. Sherrie ‘You can’t come back Janice.’, Austin ‘You’ve lost’, Jenna ‘She just lost somebody’s letter.’ Janice was awarded the ‘Biggest Quitter’. She apologises to Austin as she feels she upset him by stepping down. Janice ‘Austin will you accept my apology?’ Austin ‘No.’ Janice announces ‘I don’t quit!’ and puts the trophy on a boulder. Janice goes inside crying that she has let people down.

· While still standing on the boulders Bobby says ‘We all want our letters but it’s just a game.’ Austin ‘He just mumbles when he doesn’t know what to say.’ Bobby ‘Oh I know what to say.’ Austin ‘Well let’s hear it.’ Bobby ‘I said it’s just a game and it could have been something positive and you would have been shouting and cheering and saying ‘well done Janice’.’ Austin ‘It wouldn’t have been. The point is to not get off the rocks. Are you going to get off the next one?’ Bobby ‘I might do. I haven’t made my decision yet.’ Austin ‘Stupid. Then someone is going to lose their letter from home.’ James starts to sing ‘There was ten green bottles standing on the wall.’

· After 1hr and 50 minutes the Housemates are still standing on their boulders. Janice is in the Diary Room talking to Big Brother ‘I feel that I am not the ‘Biggest Quitter’. What I do feel is that when Austin started to say whatever he said I said I was sorry to everyone because one of my fellow Housemates will not be getting a letter from their loved ones and for that I am really really really sorry. But what I am not sorry about is, actually it makes me very sad that when I apologised to Austin, he would not accept my apology. He will learn from this experience..I am not the ‘Biggest Quitter’.’

· Bobby and Austin are still arguing about the fact that Bobby might get off the rock at the next mystery box. Austin ‘Bobby just doesn’t get it..You are giving up someone else’s letter from home…it is there to trick you as we saw with Janice…the rules are pretty simple and you are as thick as pig s**t if you don’t understand it.’

· James is talking to Jenna about willies. ‘What would you class as small what size?’ Jenna ‘I think small is like 4 inches erm average is 6-8…8 is good but over that is fantastic…it is more about the shape though really.’ Stevi asks Chloe-Jasmine ‘What are you looking at me for?..mines not 4.’ Stevi is not impressed with Chloe-Jasmine looking at him ‘Babe I might have got 4 inches but it’s like going through Dartford Tunnel going through you…I’m joking by the way.’ Chloe-Jasmin ‘That is really disrespectful…I was laughing because of the conversation topic. That was not you being personal that was just rude.’

· Everyone gets involved in the penis conversation. Natasha says ‘Men assume it’s all about the penis but it’s not. It’s about being turned on mentally, sexually, touched.’ Stevi says ‘I tell you what, I tried one of those glow in the dark condoms. You should have seen her face light up.’ Chloe-Jasmine laughs.

· They have been standing on 3hrs and 10 minutes. They all decide its ‘all for one and one for all‘ and that they will all jump off together. A luxury food hamper is the next prize given to the Housemate who leaves their boulder. So they all decide this time they will do it together. The food hamper is divided between them all.

· Janice feels like she does not deserve the food as she let people down.

· Housemates have been gathered on the rocks for the results. The time capsule is revealed by Natasha as 3hrs 7 minutes. As the Housemates lasted 3hrs 12 minutes, they have passed their task. Janice failed the task and does not win a letter. Janice must decide whose letter she will sacrifice. Janice picks Austin as the letter to sacrifice ‘I have been considering this all day long. After considering it, it made me feel terrible absolutely terrible to get off the boulder and when I offered my apology to you Austin. It made me feel humiliated…it made me feel terribly sad. So that is why I chose you. So I am sorry.’ Austin ‘You are not sorry Janice you just threw my letter at my feet. So f**k you. You made yourself feel like an a***ole. Unbelievable.’ Janice ‘You didn’t accept my apology so that is why I am choosing you.’ Austin ‘F**k you and f**k your apology.’ He snatches the letter from her and throws it into the kitchen.

· Janice is then instructed to take Austin’s letter and throw it into the volcanic rock. Austin turns to Jenna ‘There are people who are less than 30 miles from home and we are 5000 miles from home from family.’

· Sherrie suggests they all sacrifice their letters but Natasha can’t: ‘I’m sorry, I can’t do that. My daughter is one is a few days and even though I said I couldn’t read it. Now it’s there I have to know.’ Everyone is trying to comfort Austin.

· Each letter is read out. James reads Bobby’s letter from his daughters. Emotions are running high in the house. Stevi reads Chloe-Jasmine’s letter from her mother. He gets a little tongue tied. James chooses Austin to read his letter from his Grandad. He asks him if he will do it. Janice will not choose anyone to read her letter and she screws it up and puts it in the bin as a sign of solidarity for Austin. Jenna chooses Natasha to read her letter from her fiancé. Chloe-Jasmine reads out Stevi’s letter from his parents. Natasha reads Sherrie’s letter from her daughter. Sherrie reads Natasha’s letter from her boyfriend. Natasha hugs her letter.

· Janice is talking to Big Brother in the Diary Room ‘I am really sad I am not proud of what I did. But I am also not proud of myself for.. getting Austin upset once again which affects the group for that I am sorry. (crying) People think I am a b**ch and diva but a not I am just Janice.’

· James ‘Let me give you a cuddle Austin’. Austin ‘So is she still this loving caring woman?’ James ‘Just forget about that.’ Austin ‘No I am not going to forget about that. Because she just showed that and I want to know how you feel about it.’ James ‘Tonight if anybody deserved that letter it was you.’ Austin ‘Yeah so the question still stands. Is she still this loving compassionate woman that you think is so incredible?..Do you think that was the right decision to make…You are not answering my question.’ James ‘Yes. How you spoke to her outside was f**king out of order but it was but I understand your frustration…in regardless of how you spoke to her outside I still would not have taken your letter off you…I am going..because you are not turning on me again…I understand you are sad and you are frustrated mate but I am there for you as a friend ok but what I don’t accept is sometimes how you speak to her…I don’t know if I want to be your mate if you carry on like this to be honest.’

· After James walks out the bedroom Jenna talks to Austin ‘You have to understand that he is playing a game. That whole we don’t really know each other spiel is coming into play.’ Austin ‘It sure is. He just showed all I needed to see.’

· Austin is in the Diary Room. ‘It’s just ironic that the one person who has carried the USA team through now three challenges gets a punishment from someone who has done none of the challenges, has even given points to Team UK was the first one off the boulder today and that silly woman has the power and authority to make a decision on me not reading my letter. But nothing from Janice Dickinson surprises anymore. She is a selfish c**t. And I have no problem saying that at all. She’s an absolute selfish, the most disloyal person I have ever had the displeasure to meet in my life. She is the most manipulating, sarcastic passive aggressive controlling cretin that I have ever had the misfortune to come across and I cannot wait until I walk out that door and never have to see that woman’s face again.’

· Natasha and James are in the bathroom. Natasha ‘I think you need to man up a bit and stand your ground because he is always kicking off at you.’ James ‘The way he speaks and I completely understand his frustration…if anyone from the American side deserved a letter today it was him for the hard work that he has put in and he has done it not just for him but for everybody. I get every single ounce of it but it still doesn’t make it right how he speaks to people and speaks to Janice and stuff like that. It’s no exception.’ Natasha ‘I totally understand why he is feeling the way he is. But to take it out on you, his closest friend in here is f***ing ridiculous…well you know what get another bed and ignore them until they realise..’ James ‘Listen Natasha, you keep your friends close and keep your enemies closer…I know who my real friends are in this house. Simple as that.’

· James wants to talk to Austin in the seating area ‘It’s some things I want to get off my chest.’ Austin ‘(still facing the Diary Room door) Well no one else is in the room so go for it.’ James ‘I am a very straight forward person right. I am honest and I am straight and I am fair and I do my best to show respect to everybody but the one thing that I don’t think that you give back to me is respect and the way you treat me and speak to me sometimes isn’t fair. And do you know what you are a fool because out of everybody in this house if anybody has your back it is me. I understand how frustrated and upset you must have felt tonight and I offered my letter because I wanted you to have yours and everybody else to have theirs. Then you came in that bedroom and you take your frustration out on me it’s not fair.’ Austin ‘Well what’s interesting to me is that the first thing that almost everybody in this house came in to me and said was ‘That was f***ed up She shouldn’t have done that. She was wrong’…You didn’t say a word to me and this is what I don’t understand about you James is because every time I am wrong you pull me up on it. Every time Janice is wrong you come to me and say ‘Oh Austin I understand your frustrations’ so unless there has been a dozen conversations with Janice that I have missed..’ James ‘I’ve pulled her up on every time I think she’s wrong alright! The whole problem he is you do not like the fact that I have respect for Janice and that I do not like the way you speak to her.’ Austin ‘Because she’s a f***ing master manipulator and now she has you on her strings, you don’t get it.’ James ‘I understand a lot more than you understand mate…Yes I do and a real friend wouldn’t do that to me. I have had enough of it..You’ve got this attitude all the time and stuff like that.’ As Janice has walked in Austin refuses to talk in front of Janice. ‘I don’t know why she is sitting down right in the middle of an argument taking place.’ James ‘I think you will look back on this mate and realise the way you go off on are a selfish boy deep down.’ Austin ‘Walking away again. It means you have f**k all to say pal.’

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