Day 25: HIGHLIGHTS: Jedward annoy Nicola with shaving foam

Get all of tonight’s highlights before the show!
In the bedroom, Bianca and Jamie are talking about the upcoming eviction, he tells her; “You’ll be alright.” In the bedroom, John demonstrates to Jamie how to apply a condom to a banana ornament, Jamie laughs; “I definitely don’t need a lesson in that!” Nicola comments; “I do not find that funny.”

Nicola, Heidi and Jedward are completing this week’s shopping list. Calum is talking to Big Brother in the diary room; “Jedward continue to perform…the dudes are 25 not 12! They are so defensive…it’s just little things and I’m like ‘chill the f**k out please’.”

In the snug, Jedward complain to Spencer about Nicola over the shopping list; “That b*tch came out of nowhere and now she’s doing it! She’s a boss!”

At the dining table, Jessica announces; “I’ll be gutted if I go tomorrow.” Calum jokes; “I’ll be thrilled!”
Jedward are having some fun in the bathroom. Using shaving foam, they spell ‘Jedward’ across the mirror. Nicola is not impressed. In the living area, music is played into the house. Bianca and Jamie are dancing and kissing

In the toilet, Nicola advises Bianca; “Slow down, you’re drunk. We are in Big Brother. In real life I’d love it!” Bianca replies; “I get carried away, that’s what I do!” Nicola adds; “I’m just looking out for you. Chill the f**k out.”

Bianca and Jamie head to the snug where they continue kissing, he whispers; “I can’t wait to get you out of here!”

At the dining table, Calum comments on Jamie and Bianca; “I know it’s a story line…they know that as well. They are playing up to it! They are playing up to it, Jamie ain’t stupid and neither is Bianca.” Nicola is shocked to hear his thoughts and confirms; “I just pulled her in the toilet and said enough! Do you really want to be climbing all over him? Tonight it has got to a level. Enough.”

Most of the housemates are in bed. In the kitchen, Jedward are spreading bubbles from the washing-up liquid all over the floor; the pair start sliding across the kitchen floor. In the bedroom, Jamie and Bianca are kissing in bed

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