Day 25: Keith apologizes to Katie H following Kavana argument

Keith and Katie Hopkins have cleared the air following their argument over Kavana yesterday

On tonight’s show, we see Keith and Katie Hopkins row over Kavana. It starts in the kitchen, as the other Housemates discuss Kavana. Nadia and Keith think he was very funny when he’s had a drink but when Keith suggests that it’s a shame… Katie Hopkins fumes, “It’s better to enjoy yourself than be a grumpy old basta*d!”, before storming into the bedroom.

Keith follows and explains, “If you actually listened to what people said, maybe you’d have more sense about what happened?” Katie maintains that Kavana is a “good egg” when he’s had a drink. Keith asks if Katie actually heard what was said between Perez and Kavana and Keith says “you come in and only get half of a conversation and decide to do your usual thing; have an argument!” Katie says that all she hears Keith do is moan and adds, “If you don’t enjoy it in her then don’t be in here”

Kavana joins the rest of the Housemates in the kitchen and Nadia tells him that Keith and Katie Hopkins are arguing about him

In the bedroom, Keith tells Katie Hopkins continue their disagreement. Keith suggests that Katie only has a go at people to promote her column and adds, “It really is boring. Really boring, I can’t tell you. Thank you.” Katie replies “Don’t end things in thank you. You end things in thank you, which is an odd sign off”, to which Keith responds, “hopefully a full stop”, before leaving the room.

Today, Keith has cleared the air with Katie and apologized for the argument. Over a discussion about cleaning the floor.

“Apologies for calling you boring, I was just angry, so I’m really sorry” which Katie responds too by giving Keith a hug.

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