Day 25: TASK – Girl Power – Day 2

It’s Day 2 of the girl power weekend and the boys are being put to use once again

Big Brother’s Boot Camp – Garden
Big Brother will make HELEN and JALE drill Sergeants and put the boys through their paces. –
If the boy’s have not impressed their Sergeants – the Sergeants can punish them by making them sing a repetitive song and do drills.

JALE and HELEN will choose two boys to take part.

HELEN and JALE will ask the boys a series of questions to prove their manliness where they have to step forward and say why they are ‘so manly’, ‘what’s the bravest thing you have ever done?’ or ‘What’s the most dangerous thing you have ever done’ etc.

The boys will each be given a crate where they will have to open up 12 jars. STEVEN, WINSTON, ASH and MARLON will be given jars that are impossible to open while MATTHEW, CHRISTOPHER, MARK and CHRIS have regular jars.

Ladies Who Lunch – Garden/Kitchen –
The garden will be set with a beautiful table and the boys will have to make and serve the girls their lunch. The girls will be exceptionally bossy and rude to test boys politeness. While the boys are cooking the girls will all have ear pieces and be able to listen to everything the boys are saying.

MATTHEW and MARK will make ‘mocktails’
CHRISTOPHER and CHRIS will make Starter
WINSTON and ASH will make Mains
MARLON and STEVEN will make Dessert

Ladies’ Night – Sofa Area
The final hit of the day will be a Ladies’ Night hosted by the boys. The powerful girls will get the chance to dress up to the nines and see how much effort the boys can put into entertaining them. Decorated with a martini ice sculpture amongst other things, Ladies night will consist of:

5 of the male Housemates will become the skimpy servers for the evening. There for a bit of eye candy, as well as to serve the girls real candy, cocktails and other canapés, the TOPLESS WAITERS are to ensure all girls’ culinary needs are satisfied.

3 of the male Housemates of the Girls choosing will prove that they are willing to bare all in their efforts to make Ladies’ Night a success. These three Housemates must each perform a strip tease for the enjoyment of the girls. Dressed in cliché stripper outfits, as firemen the strippers are to ensure the girls have a night to remember.

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