Day 25: TASK: Housemates become bakers in Big Brother’s Bakery

Check out what the Housemates got up to in the latest task.

For the task, housemates are split into two teams of Bakers. In pairs, housemates must visit Big Brother’s bakery where they must find the answers to Big Brother’s question on the bottom of the loaves of bread. The team that find the most correct answers will win. The first question is for Calum (red team) and Bianca (blue team): Which housemate doesn’t like to drink water and believes it’s only good for washing clothes? Calum is correct with the answer Nicola

Edward (blue team) and Nicola (red team) are up next: Which housemate referred to some of their housemates as “Chinless Wonders”? Nicola is correct with the answer Kim

Jamie (red team) and Kim (blue team) are asked: Who has brought 74 jackets into the house? Kim is correct with the answer Jedward

Jessica (blue team) and Coleen (red team) are up next: Who has ‘Game Changer’ tattooed on his stomach? Jessica wins with the answer Calum

Finally, John (blue team) and Heidi (red team) are asked: What golden fruit ornament can be found in the house? John wins with the answer banana

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