Day 26: CBB Final: Gary Busey wins Celebrity Big Brother 2014

Gary Busey has been crowned the winner of Celebrity Big Brother during tonight’s final

Gary was crowned the winner of Celebrity Big Brother.

When joined by Emma, she asked how he was feeling: “It’s a surprise and an honour and a tribute to my love for this country and what I learnt about Britain…I know why the word Great is in front of Britain…I can’t wait to take Stephanie and Luke to Stratford Upon Avon…and Liverpool”.

When Emma mentioned that Gary is the first American to win Celebrity Big Brother, Gary said: “The respect in this country I’ve received in my heart and my spirit is undeniable”.

On his experience: “I had no idea…I didn’t know what to expect and the changes that I have made to find my truth…”. Emma asked what he’d learnt about himself in the house: “I didn’t think I was selfish…I didn’t think I was lazy…Big Brother gave me guidance and I paid attention…The highlight was taking my trousers off to go to sleep….the trousers off puts me in nice soft place of relaxation and nothing woke me up until the lights came on”.

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