Day 26: CBB Final: George Gilbey finishes in 4th place

George Gilbey has finished in 4th place during tonight’s final

George came fourth and left the house to cheers from the crowd.

When asked by Emma how it felt to be out, he said: “When I was in there it felt like so long…now it feels like 10 minutes…reaction was superb”.

On Edele “Edele is lovely…we had a few drinks and we went to bed…we’ve been cuddle buddies. On Stephanie: “She doesn’t look happy…she said we got to that six month stage”.
On how he coped in the house: “I didn’t read the press before so didn’t have any preconceptions…I judged everyone on face value”

On his relationship with James: “James is the perfect partner to be mischievous with…he’s a nice guy…he stirred a situation. If people weren’t different it would be very boring”

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