Day 26: CBB Housemates pass this week’s phone call shopping task

Housemates have continued the phone shopping task.

It’s the second day of this week’s shopping task. Yesterday, Big Brother filled the house with telephones and housemates have been using up their talk time receiving calls from their loved ones.

Scotty T answers a ringing phone and correctly identifies the caller as Stephanie’s Dad. She breaks down crying whilst talking to him, asking “have I made you proud?” He tells her, “you hold your head up high and be proud of what you’ve done and the things you’ve been faced with” and “don’t forget who you are, where you’ve come from. Stephanie keep your dignity at all times, there’s no secrets in that house we’re seeing everything and hearing everything.”

Gemma picks up a ringing phone and successfully guesses that it’s Danniella’s friend, actor Tamer Hassan. He tells her, “you’re doing the best job ever, hang in there. Do me a favour; nip the crying face from now on because I’m not having it anymore.”

Danniella is next to answer one of the ringing phones, it’s John’s husband.

Scotty T picks up a ringing phone and correctly identifies that it’s Gemma’s mum. She tells Gemma, “guess what Gem, I can walk. I can walk through the front door. What a miracle.” Gemma says to the other housemates, “I’ve been praying every day for my mum to get better. I’m happy.”

Big Brother calls the house and asks Jeremy to gather all of the housemates in the sofa area. Big Brother informs him that housemates have passed this week’s shopping task and will receive a luxury shopping budget. Danniella comments, “you know what, we actually managed to do a task without arguing.”

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