Day 26: Housemates set task to win letters from home

The Housemates have been set a task to win their letters from home

The final is mere days away, but the celebrities are still crying out for even the tiniest bit of contact with their loved ones. So Big Brother is very kindly providing them with letters from home – but, in true twisted fairytale style, it’s never going to be a happy ending for everyone…

The housemates will be split into pairs and sent to two different rooms. Each double act will be pitted against another twosome and their letters from home, written on scrolls, will be situated in ‘poison’ chalices in front of them.

But only one opposing pair can win their scrolls. The teams will have a button – choose to press it and the other duo  – facing the same dilema in the other room – will lose their letters as they dissolve in the toxic liquid. If both press, they both lose. If neither press, they both lose. Ruthless.

With at least four housemates guaranteed not to receive anything, it’s pretty merciless stuff.

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