Day 26: Katie asks to leave the House after getting upset

Katie asks to leave the House during tonight’s show.

During tonight’s highlights show, Ricky is talking about Katie to Big Brother in the diary room; “In Friday when I got the most votes to save, it was suddenly ‘Ricky Ricky Ricky you’re my bestie’ it was a bit much.”

In the bedroom, Frankie and Katie confirm with each other that they have a ‘special connection’, Frankie says; “We’re the same person!”. In the smoking area, Frankie asks Bear; “What do you think a game player is?” He replies; “Someone in here, that will do anything to win and f**k people over to win.”

In the diary room, Katie believes that Frankie has been playing a game since day one; she adds; “I hate fake-ness!”

In the bedroom, Aubrey reveals to Katie; “There has been conversation in the house about you being weak and your stability.” Katie gets upset and heads to the bathroom, Renee comforts her. Aubrey tells Frankie that he should have told Katie that he did think she is unstable

In the bathroom, Aubrey comforts Katie. Katie tells her that she’s ‘not unstable’, Aubrey agrees. In the smoking area, Bear is watching on and jokes; “Get the violins out!”

Frankie comforts Katie; “If I ever did use the word unstable to describe you, I apologise to your face. I don’t recall. I do not think you’re weak.” Katie tells him; “It’s alright.”. Katie heads to the diary room to let off steam. She asks to leave, however Big Brother talks to her and calms her down

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