Day 28: Back Door Eviction Result revealed ahead of tonight’s show?

The results of the back door eviction have been revealed ahead of tonight’s show.

This weekend, Calum, Jamie, Jedward, Kim and Nicola all faced eviction from the House in a back door eviction which would see the evictee leave with no crowd.

This is all part of a new twist called “The Final Judgement” which started with face to face nominations on Friday, followed by a judgement task with Vanessa Feltz and special guests.

Yesterday, Big Brother closed the voting lines and gathered the Housemates to the sofas. “This is Big Brother. All housemates must sit at the sofas immediately”

“Housemates, you have heard the opinions of ex housemates and you have heard the opinions of Big Brother viewers. You have had ample opportunity to defend yourselves and there is one final judgement to be made.

“Big Brother will be convicting and sentencing one housemate very soon.”

Big Brother then announced the evictee – and according to tabloid reports, the Housemate who was evicted was Jamie.

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm on Channel 5, with the eviction airing in this show.

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