Day 29: James and Kim lose their cool with Jedward in latest task

James C and Kim have been set a secret mission by Big Brother.

For today’s task, Big Brother calls Kim and James C separately to the Diary Room. They will both take part in a secret mission and are totally oblivious that they are on the same task.  Big Brother instructs them to be as argumentative as possible and create unnecessary drama in the house. 

In the bedroom, James C hides his bar of chocolate in Jedward’s locker; he then enters the living area and asks if anyone has seen it. The boys say they have only seen wrappers but James C booms, “Oh for f**k sake, after everything I do,” and heads into the garden.

“Boys did you do this?” Kim asks and Jedward deny it. James C comes out of the bedroom and says “Thanks boys” while throwing the half eaten chocolate bar down. He says the remains where in Jedward’s locker. “If I had put it there I would have owned up to it,” John protests.

James C is sat opposite Kim mumbling about the chocolate and throws it on the table at Kim. “What the heck is that for, why are you throwing it at me?”

Kim follows James C into the garden and shouts that she is “allergic” to chocolate so she wouldn’t have taken it. “It can’t have been anyone else Kim,” James C deadpans.

Most of the Housemates are in the living room laughing quietly. Kim starts on Jedward and says they are covering something up, “little twerps, you’d eat a scabby arsed rat if it took you!”

 A while later, Big Brother gathers Housemates on the sofa and reveals Kim and James C’s secret mission. The house was successfully disrupted and therefore Kim and James C have won the task. They will be rewarded with a party full of James and Kim’s favourite things.

James C is in the Diary Room talking about the task. He laughs while telling Big Brother how funny it was “seeing this elderly lady, accused of being a thief of chocolate, swearing to me that she was allergic to chocolate.” James C says it was great fun to hear the shouting going on after “throwing the cat amongst the pigeons, I have a very warped sense of humour.”

As a reward for passing today’s task, Kim and James C are having some of their favourite music played into the house. James C reclines as he listens to Pavarotti’s version of Nessun Dorma.


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