Day 29: Temptations shopping task continues with visits

Take a look at how the Housemates ended their shopping task..

This week’s shopping task continues, Big Brother tests housemates’ loyalty and willpower with temptations. For the next part of the task, Ryan, Lateysha, Sam and Evelyn are tempted by sweets and cake, they resist temptation and earn loyalty points for the house.

Next up are Sam, Chelsea, Andy and Charlie who are faced with a lunch with Sam’s mum. Sam presses his button and spends time with his mum, she tells him; “I have a message from my sisters, they want to see some sass! You’re doing amazing.”

Charlie, Jackson, Chelsea and Jason are faced with the option of choosing whether or not Ed (Andy’s fiancée), Bernardo (Laura’s love) and Josh (Emma’s boyfriend) should spend the night with their loves in the Big Brother house. The four housemates decide not to turn around as they already spent time with them in the other house

The four housemates gather their housemates to reveal the decision they were faced with. Jason explains; “You’ve had that experience yesterday, others haven’t had that experience.” Housemates seem to understand why they made that decision, however Emma gets upset and heads to the storeroom.  Jason comforts her, and she tells him she’s ‘gutted’ however understands.

Up next to face the temptation of a spray tan with Ryan’s best friend is Ryan, Hughie, Jayne and Alex. Ryan immediately turns around. His friend tells him; “You are doing so well, your mum loves you! You’ve got nothing to worry about.” Ryan is happy that he’s had a message from his mum.

Ryan re-joins the house, he tells Hughie that his mum ‘loves him’’ and a ‘weight has been lifted off his shoulders’

Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm.

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