Day 3: 2.35 Million watch first CBB Highlights

Celebrity Big Brother’s ratings fall for first highlights show.  It appears as though ‘Saturday’ fever has once again plauged the latest episode of Celebrity Big Brother, which aired on Channel 5 at 9PM last night. The show managed to achieve 2.35m viewers, with a share of 10.1% (202K viewers caught up on Channel 5+1, holding a share of 1.2%)

Although this is down nearly a million on launch night, it is not uncommon, with the previous winter edition’s second episode receiving a mere 1.85m (9.3%) of viewers. The latest highlights episode held high retention and was the second most watched of any episode to premiere after a launch night on Channel 5, only being beaten by CBB8.

Last night’s show did well in out performing almost all of the competition, bar BBC One too, including ITV’s Bring Back Borstal, which achieved 2.23m (9.6%), BBC Two’s Super Rich and Us with 1.73m (7.4%) and Channel 4’s Shut Ins: Britains Fattest People with 1.42m (6.2%)

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