Day 3: Alexander, Chloe and Ken face Tuesday’s eviction

Check out the results of tonight’s nominations twist

Housemates nominated face to face earlier, in the first round of nominations. The Housemates were instructed to write down the name of the single Housemate they wished to nominate. As Alexander and Chloe already face eviction, they could not be nominated.

Following Katie’s nominations on Wednesday evening, and tonight’s nominations the Housemates who face the boot on Tuesday are Alexander, Chloe and Ken.

Each Housemate was issued with one board and a pen and told that they will each make one nomination.

Michelle nominated Ken because “he said he wants to go home”
Perez nominated Ken “for the very same reason Michelle gave”
Katie nominated Perez because “he really annoys me in the morning”
Nadia nominated Katie saying, “it’s highly unlikely we will ever agree on anything. We’re polar opposite women”
Cami-Li nominated Ken “because he makes fun of me”
Jeremy nominated Patsy saying, “I would always kill off the weakest member of the pack”
Chloe nominated Ken because “he’s been saying a few words that tread a fine line”
Calum nominated Ken “because he doesn’t want to stay and would be happy to go home”
Kavana nominated Ken because “he wants to go home and he doesn’t lift a finger in the House”
Ken nominated Cami-Li “because she bit me without my permission”
Alicia nominated Calum because she thought he would be “the safest person here”
Patsy nominated Ken because of “bathroom-gate”
Alexander nominated “total control freak” Perez
Keith nominated Perez because ” he sticks his arse on the work surface and I don’t want skid marks in my cheese sandwich”
The Housemates facing Tuesday’s public eviction are Alexander, Chloe and Ken

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