Day 3: Ellie and Lotan get closer and Sukhivinder isn’t happy with the House

Yesterday People’s Housemate Tom, split the housemates into citizens: Kieran, Mandy, Joe, Kayleigh, Imran, Ellie, Deborah who are waking up to comfort in Rose Cottage and exiles who are waking up in dingy Thorn Cottage: Chanelle, Arthur, Charlotte, Lotan, Rebecca, Raph, Hannah, Sukhvinder. Sukhvinder tells Imran ‘there are people I don’t like’

Sukhvinder reveals to Imran; “I’m allergic to people! The whole thing is so surreal. I don’t want to lose who I am… I don’t want to come in here and turn into a sheep.”

Arthur asks Joe; “Do you always wear make-up?” Joe replies; “What? What are you saying? You’ve upset me. Arthur that’s your number one strike, you have two more and I’ll go!” Arthur then comments that Joe has a ‘good complexion’

In the diary room, Mandy confirms who she has her eye on; “A toss up between Lotan and Kieran…Tom’s a cutie as well, perfectly formed. Where’s the one my age? I feel like the mum!”

On the sofas, Lotan starts a pillow fight with Ellie, he asks her; “Did that excite you?”. Joe reiterates to Arthur that ‘this is a game’

On the sofas, Chanelle reveals she recently had a Brazilian bum lift, has filler in her lips and has tried Botox twice.
Ellie reveals to Mandy that she likes Lotan and feels; “He can do better than me, he’s stunning!”

Ellie joins Lotan in the smoking area; “You get good looking girls!” He replies; “People assume I’m arrogant! Looks don’t mean jack to me for starters – I’m not saying you’re not beautiful cos you are, your eyes are re-donk-culous!”

In the kitchen, Kayleigh reveals to Lotan that Ellie fancies him. Lotan reveals that he wouldn’t ‘bang’ Ellie and does ‘like her’, he adds; “I turn women f**king crazy! The best advice for her is to stay away from me.”

Ellie heads into Lotan’s bed, the pair share a hug and kiss. He tells her; “You make me smile, you make me want to be happy a lot!”

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