Day 3: Jasmine and Sam win immunity and freedom

JasmineSamJasmine and Sam have been set free after winning a task 

Jasmine Waltz and Sam Faiers have been separated from their handcuffs after winning a task in the Diary Room.

The four pairs of housemates who were still locked together were called to the diary room one pair at a time. There, one housemate wore headphones and a blindfold so that they are unable to see or hear anything. Meanwhile, their partner was asked a series of questions and had to predict what answer their headphone-wearing partner would give.

Once they had given all their guesses, their partner removed their headphones and delivered their honest answers to each of the
questions. As a result, Jasmine and Sam were the pair who guessed the most answers and as such won immunity from the first public vote.

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight on Channel 5

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  1. emma was tv gold says

    Jasmine’s antics filled the Saturday show, which shows the problem with the limited access time of the televised house. It was the lack of “air time” which relegated the profile of some (such as Sophie in BB14) because in the little time given to air the days happening, the loud, aggressive or OTT got more time and those doing other things not as “controversial” got less. No TV time and you will be subconsciously be labelled boring / dull / etc. They really need to look at continuing the 60 minute highlight show, the 60 minute “bbot” highlight+ show but add in another 90 minutes of “other things” show so the other people can be seen away from the manufactured events & controversial moments.
    Come the summer “normal” people show hopefully that will be possible – where no “celeb” baggage and short series format limits the need to “know more”

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