Day 30: Housemates accuse Harry of lying about late-night incident

Some of the Housemates have accused Harry of lying about late-night incident

The whole incident starts following the first task, as Jack and Chloe are still in the kitchen while the other Housemates are in the living room. Sam says, “I’m up for anything,” to which all the Housemates starts laughing. Sam is puzzled. Chloe comments, “Maybe when we pick a film, we should pick ‘Goldfinger’!” When one of the Housemates explains to Sam what happened, Sam does not believe them. Harry reiterates it saying that she covered her up and should know. Harry adds, “It was extremely graphic.” Chloe and Jack whisper that they believe Harry. Sam denies it saying that she would never have been that inappropriate. Marc comments, “Nobody seen that except Harry. I wouldn’t believe that.”

Later, some of the Housemates are talking about what happened with Sam last night. Marc is telling Sam that the only person who claims to have “seen” where her hand was lying was Harry. Cristian confirms he did not see what Harry claims. Sam is annoyed. She says, “That is so bad starting shit like that. I’m a respectable person. I don’t want that going about the house. One hundred per cent that is a lie.”

In the bedroom, Nick’s talking about Harry’s behaviour. He says, “She’s had a difficult life. I tried to talk to her last night. I think she’d quite an angry person.” Jade responds, “One day’s she’s going to say something to the wrong person.” Chloe and Sam are talking about Harry. Sam is angry about the earlier incident.

· Harry is in Diary Room. She says, “The fact that I’m in the same section as Marc is very hard for me. I chose to do the task with Joel and Danny because if we got locked in the bathroom with them at least I’d be away from Marc.” She denies lying about the Sam incident and adds, “I don’t think Sam’s happy with me. I feel more in place with the original lot of housemates. I think I’d be able to get to know Sam a lot better if Marc wasn’t in the equation. He’s using her as comfort blanket. He using her as a bit of entertainment. “

Marc is advising Sam against confronting Harry saying, “She will whip your ass.” They both start laughing and whispering about Harry’s photo and the way she speaks. Big Brother has given sleeping bags to the Housemates in the kitchen and the living area. Jack short tempered. He is not happy about being locked in the kitchen.

Sam is in Diary Room. “I don’t even know what to make on her. I’ve been so overly nice that I’ve just felt like she’s taking the piss. She’s just made up some rumour. She wants to rant. She wants to get her aggression out and she can’t because Marc’s giving her nothing. I don’t want to have a biased opinion. I just want to be neutral. I feel like she’s ruined that. I feel like she’s attacked me.”

Big Brother continues at 10pm tonight.

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