Day 30: Stephen Bear wins Celebrity Big Brother 2016

Bear has been crowned the winner of Celebrity Big Brother.

Emma addressed the house and congratulated this year’s winner STEPHEN BEAR, a short while earlier she announced that RICKY was runner-up.

Bear told Emma: “I feel great I knew I was going to win it, I think I’m alright! When you believe you’re going to win something, you win. PMA!”

On why Bear thought he would win: “When you’re so positive you’ll win, I promise you.”

On pushing people’s buttons: “If I know I’ve upset someone I’ll leave them, I know my limits.”

On annoying people in the house: “If someone’s upset at me making a pancake…”

On his intense relationship with Chloe: “I forgot I was in front of cameras, I wanted to save my girlfriend the heartache like I had done before. So split up with her.”

Bear concludes: “The biggest thing for me was seeing my mum, she deserves the best.”

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