Day 31: HIGHLIGHTS: John runs out of underwear and Housemates discuss kim.

Catch tonight’s highlights before tonight’s show.

Jedward are enjoying a bath; “Everyone from Ireland is probably like ‘oh my god Jedward have made it to the final!’ We’ve earned our position in the final.”

Kim is in the diary room talking to Big Brother; “I’m thrilled! I’ve made it to Friday…when it kicks off they all go to Nicola’s aide…I haven’t had one cross word with James C, he’s a damn good actor but he still chips in. I don’t know what he’s all about.” After running out of underwear, John borrows a pair of knickers from Bianca. Some of the housemates laugh.

In the smoking area, some of the housemates comment that ‘Edward is a sweet boy’. Nicola comments; “John is definitely the driving force, Edward is much more real.”

At the dining table, Nicola and Coleen are discussing Kim, Nicola comments; “I don’t want her to win.” Coleen states; “If she wins, I want to meet the people (who voted for her). She’s just bizarre. I’ve got used to Jedward…they’ve been lovely the past few days…I’ve survived living with Kim and Jedward! Give me them over her any day.” Bianca and Nicola agree.

Bianca plays the Princess who is trying to get to the ball, Coleen plays the Fairy Godmother, Kim plays the Evil Wizard, Jedward play the two-headed Troll and Nicola plays the handsome Prince. Housemates successfully act out James C’s story

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