Day 31: Marc Reflects On Friday’s “Eviction”

Marc reflects on his potential eviction from the house tomorrow….wait there is no eviction!.

Friday’s eviction (or so they think) is on the minds of all of our housemates, and Marc in particular is feeling reflective and confides in fellow housemate Danny.


“One thing I think that I’ve done in here is, I’ve been honest to everybody, like the nominating thing I think it’s going to be very hard for people this week” Marc said.

Danny agreed “People will struggle this week big time”.

Marc further went on to say “If I last past Friday, I’ve already picked two”.

Danny and Marc further went on to talk about how ridiculous it was to nominate someone for how they ate.


Marc’s lucky day may have arrived or has it? Could he survive living with some of the biggest Big Brother legends of all time?

You can catch all of this on Friday’s Live Show at 9pm with Emma Willis

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