Day 31: On tonight’s edition of Big Brother…

Tonight at 10pm on Channel 5, Big Brother has another explosive highlights in store.

In tonight’s show, the Housemates complete this week’s shopping task but fail to win the luxury budget. They will now have to live on basic rations for the week. There is a lot of discussion between the Housemates about Harry’s behaviour and her attitude towards Nick. Nick confronts Harry about their relationship.

Also, on tonight’s “Bit On The Side” @ 11pm on Channel 5 guests include; journalist, Claire Muldoon dating & sex expert, Dr Pam Spurr, ex BB Housemates, Aaron and Sarah and family and friends of the fake evictees.

Key highlights and quotes from tonight’s show include:
· It is the second day of the Zone task. Housemates have woken up in the zones they were locked in.
· The next Zone to unlock is the Diary Room. The Housemates must select the two bitchiest Housemates. They select Joel and Mark. They will be read a series of statements and must decide who said it and who it was about. “If I hear that hashtag “loving life wahey”… honestly, you couldn’t be more fake.” They correctly pick Danny saying it about Sam. “First impression, he seems like an absolute wanker.” They incorrectly think Chloe bitching about Marc. It was Jack. “I don’t give a fuck if he goes or if he stays.” They incorrectly guess Marc bitching about Joel. It was said by Harry about Simon. “Why not let him get out of hand? Because for the house, I feel it would be better if he was gone.” They incorrectly think it was Joel talking about Marc. It was actually Nick. “I think everything about him seems fake. He’s trying too hard to impress.” They guess Chloe about Simon. It was Danny about Joel. “It’s not meant to be like that. He’s on me like a rash. I wouldn’t mind just sitting on the couch chilling with Danny. Danny’s lush.” They correctly guess it was Sam talking about Marc. “What’s it going to be tomorrow? Oh I’m going to walk again. Is it going to be every day, “Oh I’m going to walk.” If you want to go just fucking go.” They correctly guess Jack about Simon. “He wants to be a lad and he’s learning from Marc. I don’t think that’s a good thing” They incorrectly guess Chloe about Cristian. It was said by Danny. They have not answered enough questions correctly and have therefore have failed this challenge. Marc and Joel will remain locked in the Diary Room.
· Marc and Joel are talking in the Diary Room. Marc talks about his change in behaviour since he arrived in the house, “It’s easy to annoy people when you don’t know them.” Joel says, “I really worry about you and Harry because I think she’ll do something.”
· Jade, Nick and Simon are in the bedroom. Jade is putting make up on Nick. Simon says, “I’ve never met a straight boy who likes make up so much.”
· Cristian and Danny are discussing the earlier task. It leads to discussion about Cristian’s eating habits. Danny says, “You are greedy,” but then follows on with, “You can’t help having a big appetite.” Cristian responds, “I don’t think greed is the correct term.”
· Nick, Jade and Simon are still in the bedroom. Nick is wearing Jade’s heels and is practising his runway walk. Jade comments, “You’ve put me to shame.”
· In the Diary Room, Joel and Marc are still talking about Harry. Marc says, “She’s like a time-bomb. She’ll blow herself up.” He says she is in the house for self- promotion.
· Jack, Danny, Cristian and Harry are talking about sexual experiences. Harry comments, “Everybody loves a finger up the bum! Just embrace it!”
· In the Diary Room, Joel says, “I don’t think people like Sam. I don’t whether Sam’s fake.” Marc agrees that she may be fake and reiterates that he only likes her as a friend.
· The Housemates are gathered in the garden for the final part of the task. There are four boxes in front of them. One of the boxes contains a luxury shopping budget. The other boxes contain basic rations. As the Housemates have only successfully unlocked one zone, they have only one key to open a box. Danny throws the key in the air and chooses the box which the key points towards. Danny opens the gold box. They have gotten basic rations. They have failed the task. Jack is annoyed saying, “I fucking hate losing.”
· Harry and Nick get into bed together. Nick says, “I missed you. You’re like my teddy bear.”
· In the kitchen, some of the Housemates are talking about food. Marc and Sam start bickering. Marc jokes, “We can’t even last ten minutes on rations without fighting.”
· Jade is in Diary Room talking about the task. “Everyone’s pissed off and deflated. I don’t mind. They’re so ungrateful. I will pipe up if someone’s moaning about being on basic rations. People are dying of hunger so fuck off!”
· Danny and Joel are in the sky room talking about Marc. Joel says, “He is worried about Harry.”
· Harry and Chloe are in the bedroom. Harry is saying that she will be in trouble when she leaves as she has a relationship on the outside. Harry says, “I’m not going to act any differently in here just because I’m in front of a camera,” and explains that she behaves the same way with Nick as she does with other male friends. She also comments that although she is bisexual, she feels there would be a different response if she was cuddling a girl.
· The Housemates are gathered in the living area where Big Brother has given them a game. Housemates must pick a name out of one box and a topic from another and must use these to start a conversation with selected Housemate. Simon picks Harry and the topic, “Say something you’ve wanted to get off your chest.” Simon says, “I think you should sit with Marc and work your differences out.” Marc picks Jack and, “Say something which may shock them.” Marc says, “When I came into the house I thought Jack was faking and playing the game better than everybody. On the third day I thought, he is a nice guy. It’s shocking that I said something nice!” Sam picks Simon and, “Say something you think they need to hear.” Sam says, “I think it’s wicked the way you’ve turned things around,” relating to his behaviour in the house. Joel picks Cristian and, “Say something you think they could improve on.” Joel says, “Maybe eat slightly less food, especially this week.” Jade picks, “Say something sexy to Marc.” She says, “I met Marc when I was 18. I was really into him. I thought he was the most beautiful person I’d ever seen in my life back then.” Marc hugs her.
· Jack and Nick are in the bedroom talking about how they would miss one another if either of them left. Jack says, “I was thinking I haven’t even seen you lately.” Nick is surprised and annoyed with himself. He apologises for not spending enough time with Jack.
· Cristian is in Diary Room. He says, “People seem to think that I’m greedy. It’s biology. Since I’ve been in here, I’ve lost a lot of weight.” He is unhappy about the others saying he eats too much.
· Jade and Marc are cooking together. Jade comments, “Cristian is delicate about his weight. He’s a growing man. “
· Cristian is the sky room talking with Joel, Nick and Jack about the food. Cristian says, “I’m getting offended, I’m not eating excessively. It’s annoying me because I’m losing weight.”
· Jade is in Diary Room talking about the earlier game. “I wish I could’ve had Harry and had the question about a relationship issue. There’s people in the house giving Nick grief about Harry. Everyone has the thought that she’s using Nick because he’s popular in the house.”
· Nick and Harry are in the bedroom. Nick is unhappy. Harry is trying to establish why. They discuss Harry having a relationship outside which Nick says she has denied to him. Nick says, “Please don’t make me look stupid.”

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