Day 31: TASK: Christmas Christopher

Christopher whose nickname is ‘Christmas’ will become ‘Father Christmas’ for the day and the Diary Room will be transformed into his own personal ‘Santa’s Grotto.’ There will be a Christmas feast this evening and Christopher will have to decide who will attend by placing Housemates on the Good & Naughty list.

Christopher is called to the Diary Room which has been transformed into a Santa’s Grotto. To help make his choice, Father Christmas will choose some Housemates to visit him in his grotto. Those Housemates will sit on Father Christmas’ lap and tell him whether they’ve been good or naughty boys and girls.

Once Father Christmas has spoken to those housemates, he will then choose who can attend the Christmas feast.

Housemates will then gather at the sofas and Father Christmas will deliver each of them a present. Housemates open gifts one at a time to reveal if they have a lump of coal or candy cane.

If they get a lump of coal they will have been put on the naughty list and will not get to go to the feast. If they get a candy cane then they will get to go to the feast. Christopher will be asked to explain his reasons for his decision.

Big Brother will serve the turkey feast at the dining table and all naughty Housemates will be excluded.

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