Day 31: Vanessa Feltz returns to the House for conference task

Ex-Housemate Vanessa Feltz returned to the House yesterday to take part in a conference task.

Big Brother reveals to the house that housemates will now take part in a press conference task hosted by Vanessa Feltz in the task room. Also present are ex-housemate Megan and Luisa Zissman, alongside members of the press and Big Brother viewers.

John is asked if he thought he did the right thing by nominating Darren, “In retrospect I still think I did the right thing. I was thinking about Darren.” Luisa says it was a ‘nasty’ thing to do.

Luisa tells Danniella that she sometimes comes across as two-faced and as a nasty woman, Danniella replies, “That’s who I am darling, take it or leave it. Is that good enough for you?”

A viewer asks Darren if he thinks he’s boring, “I probably am a bit. I was once labelled the most hated man in Britain. I come in here to try and change the public and media’s perception of me.” Luisa asks if he has a game play, he denies he has.

Megan asks Scotty T if it was just a showmance between them, he replies, “It wasn’t fake at all. Our connection was real and I’ll find out what happens when I get out.” Scotty T and Tiffany confirm nothing is going on between them, it’s just flirting.

Tiffany says that she hopes the public continue to vote for her. A viewer comments that she’s ‘a cougar 20 years too early’, Tiffany thanks her for a compliment.

Stephanie is asked by Luisa if she feels that the other housemates are hypocrites as they say nasty things about her, even when their reputations are definitely not ‘whiter than white’. She answers, “Yeah. This is why I actually flipped. As long as I stay true to myself, it doesn’t matter about other opinions.”

Stephanie confirms that her relationship with her boyfriend Sam had turned toxic and she had already ‘lost the love’. Audience members tell Stephanie that Sam has been ‘cashing in on her’ and Megan confirms she has done a club PA with him. She replies, “Lap up the money! Have a good time! I have found someone now who genuinely cares about my heart.”

The press conference comes to an end. Stephanie asks Megan what Sam said to her, Megan reveals to Stephanie that ‘he wants to talk to her’ when she gets out. “Well he could never take me to dinner so perhaps he can now take a girl to dinner!”

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