Day 32: Chanelle and Joe twerk, while Raph talks about Andrew

During tonight’s highlights show, Joe dresses up as a woman and walks around the garden showing off his new look. Joe and Chanelle twerk together and Chanelle compliments Joe on the size of his fake bum.

Raph explains in the diary room his feelings around Andrew trying to kiss him on the neck. He says that he would feel uncomfortable if anybody tried to touch him as he isn’t a tactile person.

Deborah, Sue and Andrew must endure having their feet licked by three unknown guests. The housemates have their feet licked by a husky Dog, ferrets and a large man. They must control themselves enough to keep their legs in the holders.

Hannah talks to Raph in the kitchen about how aware Kieran is of the cameras and they talk about his poker face and game playing to win. Ellie and Sam make up in the garden.

Ellie and Sam cuddle in the garden and kiss. Sam decides to show her how big his manhood is.

Big Brother continues tonight at 10pm.

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