Day 32: Nicola McLean finishes in 5th place during Celebrity Big Brother Final

Nicola has finished in 5th place during tonight’s final. 

Nicola spoke to Emma, she confirmed:

‘Fifth place, I’m so happy! It was harder but better this time around. I just loved it! Made some really good friends.’

On Kim: ‘I don’t want her to win! She hated me. I was trying to be sweet. I did like her and then she used moments like the tasks to have a go. She argues a point that’s not a point!’

She added: ‘I genuinely really liked everyone, I don’t argue for no reason believe it or not!’

On Jedward: ‘They loved pushing my buttons! I should have rose above it. I’ve had two great days with them, I’m definitely an Edward fan not a John fan! John is the bossy one.’

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