Day 32: Tom and Sue explode in a row over gameplaying

During tonight’s highlights show, Sue is not happy with the mess in the house, she complains to the housemates.

Sue talks to Chanelle privately in the garden. She tells her about her feelings around the messy house and tells her that she has been talking about her to other people and she wants Chanelle to pull her weight. Sue tells Chanelle that she is a typical Mancunian. She says “the way you look is typical, the way you act is typical, you are a Mancunian through and through.”

Chanelle talks in the garden to Ellie, Tom and Charlotte about how brutal she finds Sue and she predicts that Sue will blow soon.

Sue tells Chanelle that she knew that Chanelle didn’t want to share the bedroom with her. Sue tells Chanelle that she is the alpha female in the house. Chanelle is bothered by Sue classifying her as an alpha female. A discussion takes place between Sue, Chanelle, Ellie and Deborah about the meaning of an alpha female.

Sue talks to Tom in the garden about playing the Big Brother game. Tom gets agitated by Sue’s argument that the housemates are playing the game as he argues that he is in the house for the experience.

Kieran tries to get Tom to calm down, and tells him that he is falling into Sue’s trap. He is not happy that Tom is arguing with Sue.

Tom goes to the diary room to complain about Sue’s point of view. Sue starts an argument with Sam, and accuses him of a showmance. She shouts at him in the garden while Sam and Ellie are in the hot tub together.

Sue talks to Big Brother in the diary room about her feelings about the housemates. She says they are pathetic people.

Big Brother continues tonight at 10pm.

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